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Artificial Beaches | Urban Lagoons

GAST Clearwater is only 1 of 2 companies that can design, build, operate and maintain artificial beaches | urban lagoons | large water bodies on the planet. Providing not only a inland beach destination, but with extra Add-Ons such as our Winter Wonderland Package or our Tropical Hot Bay packages, your lagoon can operate year round.

Surf Parks | Lagoons | Lakes

In surfing, catching waves is simply one aspect of the experience. There is a whole society and culture around the break. GAST Clearwater in conjunction with our partners we develop venues and experiences that convey the iconic culture and lifestyle of surfing to the globe.

Industry-leading waves generated by world-class surf park technology as part of our Surf Wave package not only attracts avid surfers or potential surfers but a full creation of retail, food & beverage, hotels, resorts, splash pads all in unison as part of the surf park management solution.

Wastewater Treatment

As effluent water quality standards have become more rigorous, the need for superior municipal wastewater treatment systems has increased.

Assisting consulting engineers and municipalities with cutting-edge wastewater treatment technologies to preserve water, meet market demands, and adapt to changing wastewater treatment regulations. Our unique innovations provide cost-effective, long-lasting solutions that need almost no maintenance and are, on average, 15 to 25 percent less expensive than any traditional or current conventional system.

Additionally, drinking water needs adequate disinfection, regulation of taste and odor, and treatment at the source. We can meet or surpass your water treatment objectives with permanent installations, emergency mobile response, short-term, or long-term solutions based on your water requirements.

We provide the whole spectrum of services, from water testing and engineering through systems integration and planned maintenance. We form relationships with consumers, engineering companies, and others to build the most efficient solutions to achieve or exceed treatment objectives, therefore making the water in your municipality safer.

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Industrial Water Treatment

Each day, more than 20 billion gallons of water are needed in chemical and petroleum production. GAST offers process water and wastewater services and solutions for utility water, cooling water, water reuse, and other applications.

In chemical plants, the chemical processing industry requires water for steam generation, cooling, process make-up, utility water, and product washing. Utilizing the low cost, low maintenance technologies of GAST Clearwater various industries rely on GAST Clearwater to ensure not only quality but zero downtime.

Potable Water & Ultrapure Water

Water is the most often utilized component in the production of pharmaceuticals. GAST Clearwater offers complete services and solutions to fulfill your purified water, water for injection, non-compendial waters, laboratory water, ultrapure waters, utility water, and wastewater needs. With numerous standards and requirements, GAST Clearwater's modulated solution can adapt as needed.

The micro-electronics sector operates at a breakneck pace. Count on GAST Clearwater to provide with the industry's most innovative and efficient water solutions for chip fabrication and associated infrastructure.

With point-of-use solutions, our technology portfolio enables the enormous volumes and smaller geometries of today. We are also at the forefront of digital water management, ensuring that your water treatment system is completely optimized via the use of technology that drives operational and service efficiencies.

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Utilizing a conventional Desalination technology GAST Clearwater has bolted on its proprietary and innovate solutions to create a new lower cost and more efficient solution. That being said, GAST Clearwater's A.L.T.E.P. System, without a conventional desalination system can handle brackish water on its own.

PFAS & Microplastic Removal

The most often found Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances are PFOA and PFOS (PFAS). The acronyms PFOA and PFOS refer to the substances perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) (PFOS). Despite the fact that government regulations have been enacted to eliminate the use of these contaminants in manufacturing and other business practices due to the health risks they pose, these compounds are recalcitrant, or in layman's terms, not readily biodegradable, and are therefore pervasive in the environment.

GAST Clearwater is one of only a few entities on the planet that can completely remove or destroy the largest spectrum of PFAS's known without the use of chemicals, biologicals, membranes in a low cost, eco-friendly and sustainable method.

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