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GAST Clearwater™ Technology

Using breakthrough eco-friendly technology, GAST Clearwater™ beaches of extensive sizes can be built and maintained in and around your development.

GAST Clearwater™ is the ONLY company globally – that has this proprietary water purification system, which can recycle the dirtiest of water without chemical additives to provide pristine water clarity.

The ability to use ANY water source (including grey/ black water) allows a substantial decrease in cost for the developer.


Historically, wastewater treatment works’ effluent is never directly piped into the potable reticulation network, but is rather discharged into a canal, river or stream, only to be taken up by a downstream municipality or water regulator.

Our wastewater treatment technology allows for the disinfection of effluent from wastewater treatment works and easier recovery and recycling of the water without the use of chemical additives.



GAST Clearwater™ understands water quality is site-specific and access to usable water can be costly.

Therefore, using our confluence of various technologies, we can pinpoint the exact solution for the most cost and energy-efficient system for your project.

Our GAST Clearwater™ Technology allows us to process up to 450m³/h (120 000 US gallons/h) of black or grey water and allows us to filter micro-organisms from 20-400 microns without the use of chemicals.


Using 16 parameter sensors relaying to a central command unit, we can digitally monitor the condition of the water bodies which allows for complete control.

Taking into consideration the changing weather and seasons, the quality of the water can be altered within a 28hr period to ensure complete energy efficiency.

GAST Clearwater™ uses uniquely designed measuring systems that continuously report the physicochemical properties and important water quality parameters providing 24/7 online monitoring.


  • The maximum level of energy efficiency with cost effective project solutions.
  • Low construction and maintenance cost.
  • Allows up to 100 times less chemicals than conventional swimming pools.
  • Accurate and easy-to-use control system with 24/hr water management.
  • Modular system ensures continuous operation; repairs and servicing can be performed during normal operations.
  • Any water source can be used with our water treatment technology from seawater, natural water to grey or black (sewerage) water.