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Experience a Beach Paradise
In the City

Get ready for paradise in your city with
GAST Clearwater™

green technology

GAST Clearwater™ Technology

Using breakthrough green technology, GAST Clearwater™ beaches of extensive sizes can be built and maintained in and around your development. GAST Clearwater™ is the ONLY company globally - that has this proprietary water purification system, which can recycle the dirtiest of water without chemical additives to provide pristine water clarity.

Experience the beach life
in your city

GAST Clearwater™ artificial beaches

With GAST Clearwater™, you can now experience the beach life in your city. GAST Clearwater™ technology allows property developers to create a beach paradise on the doorstep of people’s homes while generating a higher return on their investments for property developments.  Experience a variety of amusement and relaxation throughout the year with water activities, weddings, hosted events, restaurants, retail stores, day clubs and more.

If it sparkles, it must
Be Clearwater

Water treatment

GAST Clearwater™ understands that water quality is site–specific and access to usable water can be costly. Therefore, using our confluence of various technologies, we can pin-point the exact solution for the most cost and energy efficient system for your project. While offering you real-time feedback with 24/7 digitally monitored water management.